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T04a - Enter Condition Monitoring Readings on a Work Order in EZMaxMobile


Commonly used by a tradesperson in EZMaxMobile to record readings directly against a work order and stored in history for trending purposes.


  1. Log into EZMaxMobile

    Note: If you are not using the campus internet service (EduRoam), please make sure you are logged into and running the VPN using the CISCO AnyConnect Application. For more information, please review SOP E3: EZMaxMobile Install and Setup on an iOS Device.

    1. Tap the EZMaxMobile app on your mobile device to open it
    2. Log into EZMaxMobile using your NetID and Cornell password
    3. The first screen displayed is your Start Center
  2. Go to the work order you will put readings on

    Tap on the appropriate selection under Work Order Tracking to open the work order you would like to work with (Insert screen shot)

  3. Open the Task Readings screen

    1. On the work order, tap the “Enter Task Readings” button
    2. All of the tasks will be displayed in order (Insert screen shot)
  4. Enter your readings

    1. Scroll to the task you would like to enter your readings on
      1. Enter the measurement value
      2. The Measurement Date will automatically enter when you save your readings. If you need a different date entered for this reading, use the calendar to the right of measurement date to choose the date before tapping “Save”  (Insert screen shot)
      3. If necessary, type a work log in the Work Log field
    2. Repeat step a. above for each additional reading you need to take
    3. Then, scroll to the top and tap the “Save” button
    4. If you need to do anything else with this Work Order, click the “Back”  icon at the top left of the screen


Condition monitoring readings will have been entered on a Work Order in EZMaxMobile.




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