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E02 - Set Up of Cornell Email on iOS Device


The iOS device will be set up to send and receive through the user’s Cornell Outlook account.


  1. Start by Going to Email Setting on Device

    1. On the main screen of the device, tap the “Settings” button (gray with gears)
    2. Tap “Mail, Contacts, Calendars
  2. Add your Cornell Email Address

    1. On the top right, tap “Add Account
    2. Tap “Exchange
    3. Type your Cornell email address
    4. Type your Cornell password
    5. Add a description if desired (for example the description could be called “Cornell email”)
    6. Tap “Next
    7. Tap “Save
  3. Set the Mail Days to Sync

    1. Under Accounts, tap on the Cornell Email account that you added in the previous step
    2. Tap “Mail Days to Sync
    3. Tap “No Limit
    4. On the top left, tap “Exchange”, then tap “Mail, Contacts…
  4. If desired, add any of your other email accounts

    1. For example, if your Apple ID is a personal email account, like Yahoo or Gmail, you may want to add that email account on your device
    2. Follow the steps for Task 3 above, but instead of tapping “Exchange”, tap the correct account for the email you are adding and follow the on screen instructions
    3. Follow the steps in Task 4 also, if desired
  5. Finish and Confirm Email set up

    1. Push the “Home” button on the bottom of the iPad
    2. Open your Email
      1. Tap the Email button (blue with white envelope) 
        Apple email icon
      2. Tap on one of the mail accounts you just added
      3. Your email messages will begin to load




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