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E01 - Set Up of an iOS Device


The iOS device will be ready for use for the person setting it up.


  1. Turn on a new or reset iOS device 

    1. Tap “English” to select the language 
    2. Tap “United States” to select the Country or Region
    3. Select Wireless network "eduroam"
      1. For the Username, enter your Cornell email address (
      2. For the Password, enter your Cornell password.     
      3. Tap “Join
      4. Tap the “Accept” button
      5. Tap “Next
    4. Tap “Enable location services
    5. Tap “Set up as New iPad
  2. Sign in with an Apple ID

    1. If you have an Apple ID you want to use for work, sign in:
      1. Enter your Apple ID (which is an email address)
      2. Enter your Apple password
      3. Tap “Next”
      4. Go to Step c
    2. If you don’t have an Apple ID or don't want to use a personal one:
      1. Choose “Create a free Apple ID” and follow the steps to create it.
      2. Once it has been created, you will need to verify your Apple ID:
      3. Check your email account (the one that you are using for your Apple ID) for an email from Apple.
      4. Click on the link that says “Verify Now
    3. Agree to the Terms and Conditions
      1. Tap “Agree” on the bottom right
      2. Tap “Agree” again when the box pops up.
  3. Set Up

    1. Tap “Use iCloud
    2. Tap “Use Find my iPad
    3. Set up iMessage and Facetime
      1. Verify that there is a check mark next to your Cornell email address
      2. Tap “Next”
      3. If your Cornell email address is not listed, it can be added later in Step 4 below
    4. Create a Passcode
      1. The passcode must be 4 digits
      2. It will ask you to enter it twice

    Important: You must remember this passcode to be able to log into the iPad

    1. iCloud Keychain (this option may not show up on some iOS devices) Tap “Set up later
    2. Tap "Use Siri"
    3. Diagnostics – tap “Don’t Send
    4. Register with Apple
      1. Make sure the switch is set to “on
      2. Tap “Next
    5. Tap “Get Started
    6. From the main screen, tap the “Maps” app
      1. Tap the arrow at the bottom left
      2. Tap “OK” at the prompt, “Maps would like to use your Current
      3. Verify your current location is accurate
      4. Push the Home button on the bottom of the iPad
  4. If your Apple ID is not a Cornell email address

    1. Tap Settings – Messages – "Send & Receive"
    2. Tap “Add Another Email…
    3. Type in your Cornell email address
      1. Tap the Return button on the keyboard
    4. In the section, “Start new conversations from
      1. Tap your Cornell email address
    5. Push the “Home” button on the bottom of the iPad




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