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C01 - Emergency SR Dispatch


Dispatch emergency service requests to the zone


  1. Receive call from a customer

    Ask them if they have already contacted their Building Coordinator or Unit Facility Rep.

    1. If yes, inform them that their UFR or Building Coordinator will contact Customer Service and end call
    2. If no, go to Task 2
  2. Log into Maximo Production to enter Service Requests

    1. Go to
    2. Click on "Maximo Production" icon in the "Quick Links" section (facing right)
    3. Enter login information and click "Sign In"
  3. If SR exists in Maximo, review the information on the request. (Otherwise skip to step 4)

    1. Click on the service request number in the “SR’s Awaiting My Approval” queue to open it
    2. Review and validate the service request information with the caller
    3. End phone call
    4. Skip to Task 5
  4. If SR does not exist, create a service request in Maximo.

    1. Click “New Service Request” link on your Start Center
    2. Gather information from the caller to populate the following fields. Fields marked with an asterisk are required
      • Reported by (enter their NetID, then click tab on keyboard)
      • Summary
      • Details (additional details, if needed)
      • Facility Code
      • Location
      • GL Account
      • Service
    3. Determine the priority of the SR (30. 40, 45 or 50)
    4. Update the Internal priority field with the correct priority code
    5. Click the Save button
    6. End phone call
  5. If the priority of the SR is a 50 (Emergency), go to Task 6. For a priority 30-45

    1. SR's 30 - 45 are work flowed to zone by the UFR
    2. For Urgent 45 priorities reported to CS on Fridays and end of day send SR communication to zone manager
      • On the SR record in Maximo save upgraded priority, click Create – Communication
        • In the Template field, type SR
        • Click the tab key
        • To the right of “To” field, click the magnifying glass
        • Click the “People” tab
        • In the Name field, type the Super or Assistant Super’s last name and click the Enter key on keyboard
        • Find the person’s name
        • On that line, put a check mark in the “To” field
        • Click “OK”
        • Click the Send button on the bottom right of the screen
    3. Add information in SR log as to who you reported it to, and any other important information
      • Click the log tab

      • Click New Row

      • Type in the Summary field (add to the Details field only if needed)

      • Click the Save Button

    4. Go to Task 7
  6. If the SR is an Emergency 50 priority, notify the zone manager

    1. Call the contacts listed on the Dispatching Reference Sheet for the zone the facility is in, until someone is reached
    2. Provide the Zone manager with the service request information
    3. If it's after 3pm and no zone staff has answered or called back contact EMCS, 607-255-5777, to request a shift-mechanic check out the emergency. EMCS can call in trades person after hours if one is needed.
    4. Add information in the SR log as to who you dispatched it to, and any other important information:
      • Click the log tab
      • Click New Row
      • Type in the Summary field (add to the Details field only if needed)
      • Click the Save Button
  7. Workflow the service request to the zone once it is in the CS queue

    1. Click the workflow button
    2. Select “Send to Facilities Services”, then click “OK”
    3. Select the proper Zone, then click “OK”


Emergency Service Request information will have been communicated to the zones so that the work can be completed.




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