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Cornell University

Maximo - Mission/ Vision

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Provide a tool for facilities service providers to manage (receive, organize, prioritize, schedule, perform) compliance, maintenance, or project work. Collect information to support these work management activities and related activities (billing, reporting, warehousing), and communicate this information to stakeholders to aid in decision making.


In support of this mission, we will:

  • Streamline/ refine processes, wherever possible, focusing on each step of the process adding value.
  • Strive to provide users the best possible experience when accessing and utilizing the Maximo system and its related components.
  • Deliver training, reporting, and other necessary tools required to support business needs and ensure quality data.
  • Periodically review the usage of the Maximo system and its related components to ensure they are being utilized appropriately to meet the changing needs of the Facilities organization and University.
  • Whenever/ wherever appropriate, use out of the box applications and features in support of the above.
  • Continually monitor the health of the Maximo system and its related components to make sure they are performing optimally.