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Facilities Inventory: What's New


Web Site Location

The facilities inventory system will be available from a new web address [  ].

Connections from off-campus locations will require use of the Cornell University Virtual Private Network, CU VPN.

The previous address of continues to house historical facilities inventory data from previous years.

Annotated Floor Plans

The inventory system includes floor plans color coded with inventory data such as room types and department assignments.

[sample screenshot]

It will be possible to annotate these floor plans to add current room occupants if desired.

Simplified Room Use Data

Room use data will continue to be collected for the period of a fiscal year beginning July 1st and ending June 30th; however, there is no longer a need to enter start or end dates for departments and function codes.

While it continues to be necessary to record specific information about research grants for funding sources outside the university as well as the people who are paid by the grants and the rooms where this organized research takes place, this substantiating information will no longer be stored in the facilities inventory system.

New Names for Room Statuses

As we update the facilities inventory data, rooms progress through a series of three statuses.  The names of these statuses have changed.

Old Name New Name

Reports in Oracle Analytics

As rooms are removed from the facilities inventory system, room data will no longer be present.  

Data Connections