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Cornell University

Daily Decision Parking Option

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Make Parking a Daily Decision

Community members, visitors, and vendors now have more options to choose from when making their daily decision on where to park and how to pay, with greater flexibility than most traditional annual permits allow.

Flexible, Economical, Self-Service option

To accommodate the “new normal” of flex- and remote-work and class schedules, Cornell University has implemented the Daily Decision parking option. Anyone needing only occasional access to campus can opt to use ParkMobile to purchase a low-cost, virtual parking permit for as little as $.65 plus the ParkMobile fee in select zones.

Three Ways to Pay!

Choose the method that works for you:

Getting Started

  1. Set up a parking account with at least one license plate and payment method using the app or online at In a hurry? Text the word PARK to 77223 and start a session without creating an account.

  2. Park: Choose a parking zone. Tip: Low-Cost Daily Decision lots are located all around campus.

  3. Pay: Start a parking session using the app, the website, or by texting PARK to 77223.
  4. Go: That's it! Parking sessions in most zones can be extended 15 minutes before expiration.

In addition to Daily Decision parking, community members can take advantage of free and reduced-fee, county-wide public transit using TCAT, reduced-fee RideShare permit options, discounted Ithaca Carshare memberships, and more. For additional assistance, contact Transportation Services to schedule an appointment with a Commuter Alternative Program (CAP) ambassador.

Daily Decision Frequently Asked Questions

What's new?

  • As of February 6, 2023, ParkMobile mobile payment parking is restricted to the ground floor levels of the Hoy Garage. Parking beyond the gate requires the display of a daily permit or annual permit hangtag.
  • The ParkMobile customer fee is $.45 per transaction as of April 1, 2022.
  • See: ParkMobile Zone & Rate Map

How much does daily parking cost?

ParkMobile Zone Parking Lot Location Base Hourly Rate Base Daily Rate
4101 University Avenue (west campus) $0.25 $1.00


Stewart & Williams Street (south campus) $0.75 $6.00
4103 Anna Comstock (north campus) $0.75 $6.00
4105 Hurlburt House (north campus) $0.25 $0.50
4106 Hasbrouck Apts. (outer circle; north campus) $0.25 $1.50
4107 120 Maple Avenue (east campus) $0.25 $2.50
4108 Teaching & Research Barns/TRB (east campus) $0.25 $2.50
4109 East Hill Office Building and EHP@Testing Ctr (east campus) $0.25 $0.50
4110 CISER - 391 Pine Tree Road (east campus) $0.25 $0.50
4111 Dwyer Dam/Oxley Lot - Route 366 (east campus) $0.25 $2.50
4112 Bartels Meter/Friedman Lot (central campus) $1.50 $10.00
4113 Johnson Museum of Art - Registered Museum Visitors Only $1.50 3 Hour Limit
4113 West Avenue (west campus) $1.50 $10.00
4114 Toboggan Lodge (central campus) $3.00 $24.00
4114 Beebe Hall (central campus) $3.00 $24.00
4115 B Lot (Vet College) $0.75 $6.00
4116 Schuyler House (south campus) $0.75 $6.00
4117 Thurston Court (north campus) $0.75 $6.00
4119 Tang Welcome Center/626 Thurston Ave (north campus) $1.50 $10.00
4119 Helen Newman Hall (north campus) $1.50 $10.00
4119 Robert Purcell Comm Ctr (north campus) $1.50 $10.00
4120 Botanic Gardens (central campus) $1.50 3 Hour Limit
4121 Hoy Garage & Hoy Lot Ground Floor Only (central campus) $1.50 $10.00
4122 Peterson Lot (upper Ag Quad) $1.50 $10.00
4122 North Morrison Lot (upper Ag Quad) $1.50 $10.00
4123 Willard Straight Hall Lot (central campus) $3.00 $24.00
4124 Appel Commons (north campus) $1.50 $10.00
4125 Loading Space w/Zone# (30-minute limit) $3.00 30 Minute Limit
4126 Accessible Space w/Zone# (must have a placard) $1.50 $10.00
4127 Vet Research (Vet College) $1.50 $10.00
4129 116 Maple Avenue and Humphreys Guest Spaces (east campus) $1.50 2 Hour Limit
4131 Crescent Lot (central campus) $1.00 $4.50
  • Zones may have time limits or additional requirements; please comply with all signage and instructions.
  • All transactions are charged a $0.45 ParkMobile fee in addition to the published standard base hourly and daily rates.

Will the price for Daily Decision ParkMobile zones increase?

Future pricing (both increases and decreases) will depend on occupancy, demand, and other factors that impact parking availability and desirability. All rate increases are published in advance on this page and by using signs posted at the entrances to the affected zones.

How is Daily Decision parking different from other short-term options?

Daily Decision ParkMobile zones located on the periphery of campus are priced at a significantly discounted rate. Zones located closer to the center of campus cost a little more. These zones are available to everyone and are in addition to other short-term ParkMobile and pay station parking options. High-demand parking lots are intended for short-term use where people pay for the location and convenience.

Is Daily Decision only for faculty and staff?

Daily Decision ParkMobile zones are available to everyone on a first-come, first-served, space-available basis.

Are other current ParkMobile zones being reduced in price?

We will continue to identify low-demand parking lots that can absorb additional capacity for use as Daily Decision parking.

Will I be able to use my annual parking permit in a Daily Decision lot?

Many ParkMobile zones are generally available for both permit and mobile-payment parking. Please review the permit and payment restrictions posted at the entrance to the lot.