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Daily Decision Parking Option

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Make Parking a Daily Decision

We at Transportation Services understand that a number of employees plan to continue their flexible- or remote-work arrangements, lessening the demand for annual permit parking. 

Flexible, Economical, Self-Service Parking Option

In order to accommodate the “new normal,” Cornell University is piloting a Daily Decision parking option. Beginning August 2020, community members who need only occasional access to campus can opt to use ParkMobile to purchase a low-cost, virtual parking permit for as little as $2 a day ($1.65 plus the Parkmobile convenience fee of $.35) in select zones.

Getting Started

  1. Download the ParkMobile App: Set up a parking account with at least one license plate and a method of payment. Accounts can also be set up online at

  2. Park: Low-Cost Daily Decision parking is located in the University Avenue (West Campus, Zone 4101, $2), TRB (East Campus, Zone 4108, $3), and East Hill office complex parking lots (Zones 4109 and 4110, $2). All other ParkMobile zones are charged at the normal hourly or daily rate.

  3. Pay: Start a parking session using the mobile app, website, or by calling the 800 number posted on the sign.

  4. Go: That's it! Parking sessions in most zones can be extended 15 minutes before expiration.

In addition to Daily Decision parking, faculty and staff can continue to take advantage of free, county-wide public transit using TCAT, reduced-fee RideShare permit options, discounted Ithaca Carshare memberships, and more.

For additional assistance, contact Transportation Services to schedule an appointment with a Commuter Alternative Program (CAP) ambassador.

Daily Decision Frequently Asked Questions

When does the pilot program begin?

The Daily Decision ParkMobile pilot begins in August 2020.

How is Daily Decision parking different from other short-term options?

Daily Decision ParkMobile zones located on the periphery of campus are priced at a significantly discounted rate and can be paid by the day. The zones are available to everyone and are in addition to other short-term parking options. Hourly parking lots are intended for short-term use where people pay for the location and convenience.

Is Daily Decision only for faculty and staff?

Daily Decision ParkMobile zones will be available to everyone on a first-come, first-served, space-available basis. While this includes vendors, students, and visitors to campus, it's important to remember that access to campus by individuals not part of the Cornell community is strongly discouraged.

Are other current ParkMobile zones being reduced in price?

Not at this time. ParkMobile zones are priced according to demand. We identified low-demand parking lots able to absorb additional capacity for use as Daily Decision parking.

Will the price for Daily Decision ParkMobile zones increase?

Future pricing will depend on occupancy, demand, and other factors that impact parking availability and desirability.

Will I be able to use my annual parking permit in a Daily Decision lot?

Parkmobile zones 4101, 4109, and 4110 are available to both permit and mobile-payment parking; zone 4108 will be restricted to Parkmobile mobile-payment and event permit parking. Zone 4121, which includes the first floor of the Hoy Garage as well as the adjacent surface lot, is also limited to Parkmobile payments.