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Annual Permit Renewal for Employees


  • Permit Renewal Begins June 10, 2024

    Annual permit holders with a permit expiring June 30 will have the opportunity to renew their parking commitment for the new fiscal year between June 10 - 21, 2024. Commuters should examine their transportation options, especially if they require only limited, occasional access to campus.

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Employee Permit Renewal

Permit Renewal Opens June 10, 2024

June expiring permit renewal notifications are sent by email for campus (faculty/staff) or USPS mail.

The information on this page pertains to staff members who receive a permit renewal notification in the month their permit is due to expire.

Special Guidance for Remote Workers

Faculty and staff who have been approved to be on campus but need only occasional access can opt for convenient, deeply discounted Daily Decision parking using ParkMobile, utilize the Commuter Alternative Program, or choose on-demand, short-term mobile payment and pay station parking.

Note: This page provides guidance, procedures, and policies for current faculty and staff awarded the opportunity to obtain a new annual parking permit. Please note that you must pay all outstanding citations.

Renewing Your Permit

A permit renewal opportunity is offered to eligible permit holders in the month their permit is set to expire, either by email notification or by mail. If you receive a paper renewal form, you may not be able to use the parking portal.

Payroll Installments for Annual Permits

Faculty and staff with regular appointments may choose to pay the cost of the parking permit using pre-tax payroll deduction option. 

Payroll installments are calculated using the price of the parking permit at the time of sale (including sales tax) divided by the number of paychecks remaining in the fiscal year (July 1-June 30).

Payroll installments are collected on a semi-monthly basis and are non-refundable.

Other available payment methods are check, Bursar (if eligible), and Visa or MasterCard. 

Who can use the parking portal?

  • M (motorcycle) permit purchasers
  • Eligible employees who want an A or O parking permit
  • Eligible faculty and staff who have received renewal instructions
  • Students acquiring a permit or student bus pass (permit sales for the new academic year go on sale in August of each year)
  • Anyone who needs to pay or appeal a citation
  • Community members who need to register, update, and link vehicle/license plate information

If you receive an email notification on June 10, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Review your parking options.
    Now is an excellent time to review your commuting options! If you no longer need regular access to campus, consider forgoing an annual permit and choose to make parking a daily decision.
  2. Register or Update Your Vehicle
    All Cornell University community members must register their vehicle(s) with Transportation Services for parking on campus. To register and update vehicle information online, have the plate number, make, style, color, and year of the vehicle, as well as the name of the vehicle's owner. Do not register rental or loaner vehicles, or vehicles belonging to other Cornell community members. If you need assistance, contact us.
  3. Visit the online Parking Portal.
    Regular faculty and staff with a current annual permit will be offered a renewal opportunity for the same permit area or a no-fee virtual A or E permit (work-in-zone eligibility rules must be met for E permits).
    • Go to
    • Look for the Permits/Bus Passes section
    • Select the "Get Permits/Bus Passes" button
    • Click the "Faculty and Staff" link
    • Select "Cornell NetID Login" if not already logged in
    • Read all information carefully as you navigate the site.
    • Link your permit to at least one of your personally-owned vehicles; you will be able to add vehicles if needed.
    • Begin parking immediately if ordering a virtual parking permit. Your license plate is your permit, and you will not receive a hangtag permit; or
    • Print a temporary parking permit to display until your new hangtag permit or decal arrives in the mail.

Parking 2024 FAQ

What's new?

  • There were several parking area changes for the 2024-2025 fiscal year. Please review carefully before making a permit purchase.
  • Permit holders are required to link their permit to at least one personally-owned vehicle license plate in preparation for virtual permit enforcement.
  • Beginning in 2024-2025, in most cases, physical permit hangtags will not be issued; instead, the vehicle license plate is used to confirm a permit/parking credential.

When can I renew my permit?

Permits are eligible for renewal in the month they are due to expire (ex: no-fee A and E permits renew in February; for-fee employee and vendor permits renew in June). Permit holders must meet current eligibility guidelines to receive a renewal opportunity.

Permit holders eligible to use the online portal will receive an email with instructions; all others receive a renewal form in the mail. Do not forward or share renewal notifications, as they are specific to the permit holder.

Permits that have already expired can not be renewed through the online system. Please use the Permit Purchase Agreement Form to make a new permit request unless you are obtaining an A, O, or M (motorcycle) permit.

When will I have to start displaying my permit?

Display the printed temporary or permanent hangtag as soon as possible; discard the old permit. Virtual permit holders may start parking immediately: Your license plate is your permit.

I did not renew or returned my permit. How can I get a new one?

Faculty and staff who relinquished or chose not to renew their permits can request a new permit using the Permit Purchase Agreement Form. Please note that many parking permit types are in high demand and restricted to eligible employees. Form submissions are not a guarantee of issuance.

If the request is granted, Transportation Services will complete the transaction using payroll installments as the default payment method, if eligible, or will contact the requestor for an alternative form of payment. The employee will receive a temporary permit to use until their hangtag arrives. If the request cannot be granted, the employee will be offered an alternate option.

I want to obtain a different permit than what is offered to me online. What should I do?

Faculty and staff are invited to schedule a consultation with a Commuter Alternative Program (CAP) ambassador to determine their best commuting option going forward. If opting for a parking permit for a different area, employees can complete the Permit Purchase Agreement Form to make a request. Some permits may not be available due to eligibility rules.

If the permit request is approved, Transportation Services will complete the transaction using payroll installments as the default payment method, if eligible, or will contact the requestor for an alternative form of payment, if necessary. The employee will receive a printable temporary permit to use until their hangtag arrives.

Can I speak to someone about my options?

Of course! Commuters are encouraged to use this time to re-examine their transportation and parking options, especially if they require only limited, occasional access to campus. For assistance, contact Transportation Services to schedule a consultation with a customer service agent.

What permit areas are available upon request?

Transportation Services will evaluate parking demand and may open sales for additional permit areas. Please check back for changes.

*Must work in the associated zone.

If I forgo the renewal opportunity, will I be able to replace my permit at a future time?

The renewal cycle ends on the last day of the month the permit is set to expire (eg: February 28; June 30; October 31; December 31). We cannot reserve, hold, or suspend permits, especially for what have traditionally been high-demand areas (central- and mid-tiers). That being said, the availability of all permits will depend on demand, which will depend on student in-person attendance, remote work, and public transit ridership.

We will capture and analyze occupancy data throughout the semester to help manage parking resources and will make permits available accordingly.

Will I receive a credit for the payroll installments taken when I could not access campus?

We cannot issue credits or refunds for Parking Permit Fee payments collected via payroll installments.

When will I start paying for my permit if I pay via payroll installments?

That depends on the purchase date and the timing of the payroll schedule. Fee-based permit payroll installments are calculated using the price at the time of sale (including sales tax) divided by the number of paychecks remaining in the fiscal year the permit is valid.

Be sure to review and update your vehicle information at