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Cornell University

Committee on Outdoor Art at Cornell (COAC)

COAC Goal:To enhance the use of the Cornell campus as a forum for the creation and display of artistic installations in publicly-accessible outdoor places in support of the academic mission.

COAC Mission:To facilitate the review, development, and installation of campus public art through developing a set of  policies and procedures that will ensure the careful choice of appropriate works of art, their proper installation, inventory, and maintenance, and the identification and commitment of funds for these purposes. 

What is considered a work of art?

Works of Art – may include: sculpture, in situ creations, paintings, murals, decorative benches, lamps, or other such “street furniture”, video installations, and other new media, both permanent and temporary, whether given, purchased, or commissioned. For the purposes of this committee, it does not include short-term (less than 1 day) student installations made under the supervision of a faculty member, or short-term film and video projections installed for announcements or curricular purposes, or directional or informational signage or banners.

FAQ for preparing a public art proposal

Sampling of Art on Campus 2016

State of the Art - A Photographic Tour of the Hill's Outdoor Sculptures

2021 COAC Membership:

Director of the Johnson Art Museum (COAC Co-Chair) – Jessica Martinez

University Landscape Architect (COAC Co-Chair) – David Cutter

University Architect – Margaret Carney

Vice President of Alumni Affairs and Development - Fred Van Sickle

Director of Cornell Council for the Arts – Tim Murray

University Planner – Leslie Schill

Director of the Grounds Department – Dan Schied

Director of Cornell Botanic Gardens – Christopher Dunn

Faculty representative Department of Architecture – Caroline O’Donnell

Faculty representative Department of Art – Leeza Meksin

Faculty representative Department of Landscape Architecture – Timothy Baird

Faculty representative Department of Design and Environmental Analysis – Jack Elliott

Song of Vowels 1931 Sculpture

For questions or more information about COAC, please contact David Cutter.