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R5 Operations Mission and Vision

Facilities Management Mission

To support the University's mission by keeping our campus environment 





R5 Operations Mission

The Mission of Cornell's R5 Operations department is in our name - R5: Respect, Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. As a team we:

  • Build partnerships and implement best practices for campus wide sustainable waste and materials management.
  • Provide educational, collaborative, and engaging campus wide waste management and materials management programs.
  • Provide easy to access customer service and information.
  • Remain responsive to changing needs through efficient and flexible logistics.

R5 Vision

The Vision for Cornell's R5 Operations department is, through our Mission and our Values, to support Cornell's Strategic Plan to "Make environmental sustainability a guiding principal in the stewardship of the university's facilities and resources and in assessments of its impact on the community and region... (and) Pursue the sustainability objectives in Cornell's 2008 Master Plan for the Ithaca Campus and the Climate Action Plan of 2009."


As a member of Facilities Services the values of R5 Operations and Materials Management are those of Facilities Management:

Teamwork: We encourage teamwork, collaboration, and participative problem solving to meet our goals, recognizing that teams outperform individuals acting alone.

Customer Satisfaction: Our success depends on total customer satisfaction. Without our customers, there would be no need for our services. We believe that the quality of our services should be measured by our customers.

Pride: We take great pride in ourselves, our organization, our work, and in the service we provide to the Cornell Community.

Recognition: We recognize, applaud and celebrate each others' achievements and we have fun in our work.

Freedom of Expression: We want a comfortable environment for employee feedback where diverse ideas and feelings can be expressed openly and safely and where differences of opinion are respected.

Quality: We set high quality standards and expect nothing less than the best from ourselves.

Accountability: We are responsible, individually and collectively, for our actions and behaviors and for the facilities and resources entrusted to us. We are willing to share and accept information, including information relating to our performance and impact on others.