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Drinking Water System Updates and Water Quality Reports

Annual Drinking Water Quality Reports

Every year, a water quality report is prepared based upon the past year's activities.  We take great pride in the work that we do and we invite you to read these very informative reports.  In the interest of sustainability these water quality reports will be in electronic format rather than paper. Please note, through 2016, Cornell has collaborated with the other two water purveyors in the Ithaca area to produce this report (City of Ithaca and the Bolton Point Water System). Beginning with 2017, the report is only based on the Cornell potable water system.

Please feel free to contact the Water Filtration Plant directly if you have questions regarding the report or the water system in general.  We do have a limited supply of paper reports if you have difficulty viewing the link. Simply request a paper report by contacting Andrew Murphy,, and we'll do our best to deliver it to you.

Water Quality Reports (By Year)