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Cornell University

Conservation Focused Preventive Maintenance

Starting in the year 2000 Cornell implemented a rigorous conservation focused preventive maintenance program with the controls technicians from Facilities Services serving Cornell’s Ithaca campus. Our energy conservation controls team (ECCT) consists of a team of nine technicians and one general foreman. The program costs $1.5 million per year and avoids over $3 million a year in energy at billed rates. 

The ECCT crew provides continuous commissioning services to over 100 academic, research and teaching buildings consisting of over 10 million square feet of space. 

Typical commissioning (Cx) services include:

  • Reviewing past energy bills for deviations in energy use.
  • Verifying correct operation of all major mechanical equipment including air handlers, heating and cooling systems.
  • Verifying and correcting building automation system control sequences to optimize energy savings and occupant comfort.
  • Calibration of all temperature, differential pressure and carbon dioxide sensors.
  • Reviewing trended data to ensure proper function of all air and water systems.
  • Reviewing trended data to ensure spaces receive the correct supply and exhaust airflow to optimize comfort and energy savings.
  • Verifying correct operation of fume hoods to ensure occupant safety.
  • Assist in Cx of new and major renovations
  • Assist in energy studies