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Cornell University

COVID-19 Fleet Rental Policies

Cornell Fleet Rental Safety Policies in Response to COVID-19

These policies are in addition to usual rental policies. While making a reservation, customers will be required to attest to reading and understanding all fleet rental policies. Visit the EHS occupational health site for COVID-19 safety guidance.

  1. All reservations must be approved by Fleet Services prior to rental. As part of the approval process, permission to rent vehicles for a stated purpose and destination must be provided by the supervisor via a forwarded email upon request by Fleet Services.
  2. All non-research-related rental for students is limited to travel within Tompkins County.
  3. Face coverings are required at all times unless there is just one person traveling in the vehicle.
  4. When possible, travel with windows open to increase air-flow and do not operate the vehicle’s heating ventilation and air conditioning system on recirculating air mode. The recirculating air button should always be off.