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Cornell University

Strategic Asset Management Program

CMMS Tier 7 AMP Development Schedule

The current FM asset portfolio is comprised of 69 Asset Management Programs divided into 7 Tiers. The Asset Management Program project’s current focus through the remainder of 2022 is to create the AMPs templates and complete the data collection for each Tier 7 Program. Please see the current Tier 7 AMP schedule above. To support the new data standards and data collection effort, Jim Gibbs has been leading an exercise to develop each of these AMPs. 


  1. Main SAMP Folder 

  2. SAMP Document

  3. Individual Programs Folder: Each AMP has an associated folder on Sharepoint located here.

 AMP Development Process:

The four steps of authoring an AMP
The six steps of program development


Description of the roles in the AMP development process.