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Cornell University

Statler Ballroom


This project includes a full renovation/remodel of the existing 4,000 SF Ballroom, which includes the 2,250 SF pre-function area as well as finishes along the connection corridor from the main lobby of approximately 1,000 SF.

Significant elements of the work will include but are not limited to:

  • Installation of new aluminum storefront windows in new openings facing East Avenue
  • Installation a new acoustical plaster ceiling system
  • Installation of new wall covering and carpet
  • Upgrades to the electrical and AV systems
  • Providing all plumbing, electrical, mechanical, fire protection and low-voltage systems required for a complete installation. This will generally include new supply and duct branch work, new VAV boxes and piping, registers, and diffuser. Conduits to support the electrical work. New fire protection heads and branch work as required.