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Cornell University

Peterson Green Parking Lot

Peterson Green Parking Lot Interpretive Sign


At first glance, this parking lot may look like any other, but there are hidden processes beneath the surface. Porous asphalt and the bioswale in the center of the parking lot allow stormwater to drain into the soil beneath the pavement.  The Peterson Parking Lot was designed to slow and store stormwater, while filtering pollutants, watering the bioswale, and recharging groundwater.

Porous pavement allows water to drain through the pavement rather than run off towards the nearest storm drain. This slows stormwater from overworking stormdrains during heavy rain and helps water infiltrate the soil to recharge groundwater.

Please visit the CLIPers web site for more information about the campus committee that meets regularly about the general health and viability of the landscape and miscellaneous campus landscape issues.