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Cornell University

IPP Rotational Assignments

The purpose of the Rotational Assignment Program (RAP) is to offer flexible, temporary assignments aimed at providing cross training, leadership development, and knowledge sharing opportunities for IPP employees.  The program supports IPP’s, and Cornell’s, career development of staff, advances succession planning initiatives and increases staff retention.

A rotational assignment is intended to provide an opportunity for employees to gain new knowledge, skills, and professional growth.  Assignments are developed collaboratively with the employee and both the current and host supervisors, as well as the Department Director and IPP Human Resources. All parties involved will have an opportunity to discuss, modify, and endorse the rotational assignment to ensure the best possible learning opportunity for the employee in a manner that supports business needs.

The program provides skill development opportunities and/or leadership development opportunities that may broaden knowledge base, specific skills, and/or increase management responsibilities. Rotational assignments may be at a lateral role or at a higher level role.

If interested in a Rotational Assignment, please contact IPP Human Resources to initiate the process.