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FCS Career Development Opportunities


A “stretch assignment” is a project or task given to employees which is beyond their current knowledge or skills level in order to “stretch” employees developmentally. The stretch assignment challenges employees by placing them in situations outside of their comfort zone in order to learn and grow.


Project leaders lead initiatives or projects for a department and/or organization. This is a great opportunity to network and demonstrate skills and capabilities to others with whom one might not normally collaborate (I.e. Lead a LEAN group).  Project leaders can enhance skills such as guiding, directing and influencing.


Sharing knowledge within work groups so that each group member understands the work that others in his/her group perform.


Develop and/or present material to a group of colleagues/stakeholders. This type of opportunity allows one to enhance public speaking skills and learn how to utilize presentation software.  In addition, research on a subject matter broadens knowledge.


Provides a two-year rotational leadership opportunity where each participant will spend three to four months in each FCS department.  Participants will be fully separated from current role. Each participant will be assigned a mentor and at the end of the two year period, participants will return to their home position.  This opportunity will allow participants to gain cross functional knowledge (acquire knowledge, skills, expertise; enhance career development and leadership development; increase competitiveness for prospective opportunities; gain hands-on experience, make connections, share ideas).
Criteria: Completion of a Cornell leadership program (Leading Cornell or HDCLP); Demonstrate pursuit of professional development; possess leadership potential and leadership competencies; consistently exhibit FCS values; formal education or commitment to achieving such.

For more information about LEAD, please contact FCS Human Resources at 607-254-6497.


A special relationship between two individuals designed to promote personal and professional growth. Benefits: expansion of knowledge, skills, energy and creativity for all involved.


Observe another professional doing his/her job to learn if this type of work is something you are interested in.


Rotational assignments are opportunities to learn more about a different part of FCS or campus facilities departments. They are open to high potential employees who are seeking skill development through general training and experience or change of work environment. This group of people has potential and seeks lateral opportunities to deepen technical knowledge and experience.

For those interested in pursuing a rotational opportunity, please work with your supervisor and FCS Human Resources to complete the Rotational Assignment Program Agreement.


Cornell offers many opportunities for continuous growth and development including orientation, leadership, and skill-based programs for new employees, front-line staff, project managers, managers, and supervisors. Attending training allows you to learn new skill sets and broaden your knowledge base.

  • Leadership Programs: HDCLP, Turning Point, Supervisor Training, Facilitation Skills, Building Team Leading Change, Leading Cornell
  • Effectiveness Programs: Communications Certificate Program, Office Professionals, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, 5 Choices of Extraordinary Productivity, Speed of Trust, Project Management, Presentation Advantage
  • FCS Supervisor Training: FCS HR will be offering a training program for supervisors which is intended to continue to grow and develop supervisory skills. It is open to FCS supervisors and topics include: FCS Supervisor Expectations, Managing through Change, Creating an Environment of Trust, Giving and Receiving Feedback, Addressing Conflict


Expand your personal and professional networks, learn new and transferable skills, use as an opportunity for career exploration, build a track record of work for a specific cause.


Engage in University-wide and/or departmental initiatives by participating on a committee or task force. This is a great way to network with others in your organization/across campus and also allows you to provide input and expertise on important topics.