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Cornell University

Facilities and Campus Services (FCS) Organizations and Positions


Contract College Facilities

Contract Colleges Facilities’ purpose is to maintain and enhance the physical assets of state supported buildings at Cornell University, by partnering with College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS), the College of Human Ecology (CHE), the School of Industrial and Labor Relations (ILR) and the College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM). Our responsibilities include capital planning, project management, facilities maintenance, code compliance and space inventory.  

Positions in Contract College Facilities include: administrative assistants, project coordinators and drafters.


Energy and Sustainability

The Energy Management staff work to identify and implement conservation focused outreach, maintenance, energy studies, and capital projects to meet the university's needs with less energy use.  The program includes all of the Ithaca, NY campus; Geneva Experiment Station and other off-central campus facilities in the region.

The Campus Sustainability Office empowers, equips, and engages our diverse partners to catalyze a sustainable campus transformation.

The Utilities section of Energy and Sustainability operates the University energy infrastructure system on a 24 hour, 365 day per year basis.  Production facilities include a combined heat and power facility which provides both the steam for heat and electricity for campus. 

Positions in Energy and Sustainability include: sustainability administrators, energy managers, utility distribution system operations coordinators, project managers, engineers, administrative assistants, preventive maintenance mechanics, boiler operators, heating plant operators


Facilities Engineering

Facilities Engineering’s is responsible for university stewardship, which includes, but is not limited to the stewardship of engineered systems on campus, maintenance of Design and Construction Standards, Construction Document archiving, and project design reviews for QA and standards compliance. 

Facilities Engineering also provides project management services that cover engineered systems infrastructure, system intensive building renovations, small building renovations up to $1M (typically a result of an initial assessment), local approvals efforts (SEQRA, NEPA, Site Plan/Special Permit approval support,) energy conservation projects and projects relative to research collaboration. 

Facilities Engineering manages maintenance programs for campus-wide systems such as bridges, generators, elevators, roofs, structures, pavement and more.

Lastly, Facilities Engineering provides design services related to architectural-scoping services, design of small renovations and ADA improvements; mechanical design including HVAC, plumbing and fire protection; electrical design including lighting, power and fire alarm systems, emergency power, and electrical services; civil design including roads and parking areas, structural, and utility infrastructure; environmental including hazardous site clean-up, LEED support, potable, storm and waste water, air modeling and permitting; SEQRA and NEPA approvals; and design related to supply, distribution and building energy engineering, sustainability, and renewable energy sources.

Positions in Facilities Engineering include: engineers/architects, administrative assistants, drafters, project managers.


Facilities Finance and IT

Finance and Information Technology is composed of two distinct departments:

The IT Department serves as stewards of Infrastructure Properties and Planning and Human Resources & Safety Services IT resources, data resources and policies. IT is comprised of computing services and programming services. Computing services includes computer support and systems administration. Programming services main focus is the development and maintenance of specialized software systems that support FCS.

Finance is responsible for financial oversight, budgeting, forecasting, analysis, reporting and compliance. The team supports capital planning, projects and strategic use of funds. Strategic partners to the organization’s leadership and operational line management in the development of new programs and services. Provide financial guidance for statutory, Contract College, general purpose, enterprise, designated and gift and endowment funds and accounting issues. Ensure the accuracy, completeness and integrity of the financials. We work collaboratively with the division of financial affairs, planning and budget and partners across campus.

Positions in Facilities Finance and IT include: administrative assistants, account reps and finance specialists, system administrators, application programmers, software engineers, and network engineers.


Facilities Management

Facilities Management (FM) provides maintenance, grounds, and custodial services to the entire campus. FM serves as a partner within the zone structure for the Contract Colleges (CC), Endowed (EN), and Student and Campus Life (SCL) zones.

As a key steward of the University’s facilities, FM is responsible for facility assessments, skilled trades, general construction, building care, grounds, recycling, asbestos, and the management of planned, corrective, and preventive maintenance.

Positions in Facilities Management include: members of the Skilled Trades (laborers, electricians, carpenters, plumbers, masons, sheet metal workers, painters, controls), facility managers, administrative assistants, and maintenance mechanics.


Office of University Architect and Campus Planning

The University Architect is involved with the selection, management and mentoring of outside architects on our Capital Projects; presentation of designs to the University and the Board of Trustees; responsible for consistency of campus buildings and campus building renovations; and has a major role in all campus planning activities.

Capital Projects and Planning manages all major efforts that impact the overall physical campus from initial land use physical planning through project design and construction under the leadership of the University Architect.

Positions in the Office of University Architect and Campus Planning include: architects, administrators, project managers, inventory data analysts, drafters, document archivists and administrative assistants.


Project Administration

Project Administration consists of Facilities Contracts, Facilities Engineering, Project Intake, Small Project Management, Large Project Management, and Construction Management.

Positions in Project Administration include: project managers, construction managers, administrative assistants, and project coordinators.

Transportation and Mail Services

On an average day at Cornell, about 30,000 pedestrians, 10,000 cars, 5,000 cyclists and hundreds of buses and trucks are all making their way around campus. This poses a significant challenge in maintaining a safe and pleasant environment for all.

Cornell University’s Department of Transportation and Mail Services provides leadership in developing and implementing comprehensive, economical, flexible, efficient, and sustainable programs to facilitate the movement of people, vehicles, mail, and packages.

Positions in Transportation and Mail Services include: administrators, motor vehicle mechanics, motor coach operators, maintenance mechanics, delivery drivers, mail processors, transportation service reps and administrative assistants.