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Cornell University

Getting Around the Cornell Campus

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We all make choices according to what is important to us. Whatever your motivation, the Cornell University campus is an ideal place to try out a car-free lifestyle, and Transportation Services is committed to offering a range of options to make your commute easy, economical, efficient, healthy, and sustainable.


  • Parking Changes

    2022-2023 Adjustments

    Transportation Services revised its parking and commuting offerings in July 2022 to realign parking demand, introduce new technology, and provide equitable, easy-to-use, self-service solutions designed to meet the needs of all community members. In response to feedback from various stakeholder groups, we are making the further adjustments effective January 1, 2023:

    The small, fifteen-space lot bordered by Morrison Hall, CALS Surge, and the Boyce Thompson Institute will transition to C permit and reserved space parking to meet the business needs of those facilities.

    ParkMobile parking will be suspended in the North Morrison Lot to accommodate O and B permit holders. Zone 4122 will continue to be active in the Peterson Lot on Tower Rd.

    ParkMobile parking will resume in the Alumni Field Lot, Zone 4128, at $3/hour.

  • Daily Decision Parking

    Low-cost Parking Options Using ParkMobile

    The Daily Decision program gives commuters access to low-cost, short-term options to meet their occasional parking needs. Using the ParkMobile app, this program provides community members greater flexibility than a traditional annual or semester permit, coupled with the convenience of contactless self-service.

    Visit the  Daily Decision page to learn more about parking options, prices, and locations, and visit to download the app, create an account, and park.

  • Parking Compliance

    Permit and Payment Requirements Enforced

    Students, faculty, and staff returning to campus should visit to check their permit and vehicle information before parking, as restrictions and Night/Weekend Parking Rules are enforced throughout campus. Community members should also be prepared for upcoming event impacts on traffic and parking. Fine-due citations are issued in response to permit and payment requirement violations.