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Cornell University

Getting Around the Cornell Campus

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We all make choices according to what is important to us.

Many of us are concerned about

  • dependence on dwindling oil reserves, and want to reduce petroleum consumption.
  • air quality and global climate change, and would like to take part in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • the obesity epidemic and the need for physical activity, and want to support walkable and liveable communities.
  • minimizing stress and maximizing effective use of time and energy.
  • the expense (time and money) of maintaining and operating an automobile.

Whatever your motivation, the Cornell University campus is an ideal place to try out a car-free lifestyle, and Transportation Services is committed to offering a range of options to make your commute easy, economical, efficient, healthy, and sustainable.

116 Maple Avenue
Ithaca NY 14850-4902
t: 607-255-4600
f: 607-255-0257

7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., M-F