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Cornell University

Courier Service

COVID-19 UPDATE: CULift and Red Runner are available for the accessible-transportation mobility needs of students and essential staff. Please contact Student Disability Services or call Red Runner at (607) 254-8293 for more information.

Red Runner Courier Service

Red Runner offers a variety of courier service options to the Cornell community such as package delivery, people transportation, and performing regularly scheduled jobs for frequent department needs. We only accept department accounts for payment.

Getting Started

You can request courier services using the online booking tool, or just give us a call at 254-8293. Our normal delivery option is a business day (8 hours) from the time of your call. Rush services can be requested for an additional fee. A representative will contact you if there are any questions about your order.


Transporting People

On-Campus Trips:

  • Passenger: $11
  • $7 each additional passenger

Local Off-Campus Trips:

  • Passenger: $13
  • $7 each additional passenger

Large Jobs

  • More than 5 people and/or packages require at least 2 days advance notice.
  • Give us a call at 254-8293 or email to check our availability and pricing.

Transporting Packages

On-Campus Trips:

  • $10 first package each destination
  • $7 each additional package to same destination

Off-Campus Trips:

  • $11 first package each destination
  • $7 each additional package to same destination

Long Trips/Large Jobs:

  • Trips further than downtown Ithaca or Thornwood Drive: $45 per hour charged in 15-minute increments, from start to when the driver returns to campus.
  • Large deliveries: $45 per hour, per driver.
  • Prior arrangements required.

Signature Service:  

  • Our couriers can deliver your package and get your recipient’s signature. We’ll make up to three delivery attempts.
  • $3 per destination—confirmation with date, time, and signature of designated recipient.

Accessible Transportation

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion is facilitating a transportation program for faculty and staff who need door-to-door service to participate in university- and benefit-related activities during their working day. Visit their website to learn more. Eligible faculty and staff can call or email Red Runner at 607-254-8293 or to request a ride.


  • Packages must be clearly marked with the destination and name of the recipient.  
  • Request rush service if delivery is expected in less time than the normal delivery option of one business day (8 hours) from the time of your call. Rush service fees will apply.
  • Excessive waiting, parcels, and/or awkward or large-size packages may be subject to an additional charge.
  • Trips canceled less than 1 hour in advance may be subject to a charge.  
  • All fees are billed to your department account number.

If you find you use the service a lot, or you have jobs that you schedule routinely, your department may benefit from a contract arrangement rather than paying by the trip. Contact us to discuss the advantages of a Red Runner contract.