International Mail

International Mail is any mail outside the 50 states, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. APO and FPO addresses (Military Mail) are considered international.

Getting Started:

  • International mail can be sent from a USPS branch, arranged online at, or mailed via Mail Services mail metering.
  • All international mail, regardless of weight or packaging, that contains items other than paper requires a completed customs form.
    • Comply with all restrictions listed on the USPS site.
    • List all items in the package.
    • List the value of the items.
    • Include all required copies with your package at time of mailing.
  • Properly address your mail to make sure it reaches the intended destination.
  • Package your items using buble wrap, newspaper, or other resiliant packing material.
  • Packages should not exceed 70 pounds, or be larger than 109 inches (in length or girth). Check the USPS site for country-specific restrictions.
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