Entering a Service Request Online

A service request for repair or maintenance or other FCS service is the primary method for getting work done.  A requestor provides information as to what work is needed, where the work is to be performed, an account number to pay for the work if it is a departmental charge, and any details they can provide to help prioritize the work. 

Once a service request is submitted it is reviewed by the Unit Facilities Representative (UFR), who is part of the college or unit facilities team.  A UFR can approve a service request and route it internally to the unit facilities staff, cancel a service request if it is not needed, or route it to Facilities and Campus Services.

When FCS receives a service request, it will be routed to the appropriate zone or department and one or more work orders will be created.  Work orders are assigned to the FCS staff who will be performing the work.

Work will then be performed.  FCS staff will communicate with unit facilities staff and the original requestor as needed.

Once the work is completed, a follow up email will be sent to the requestor indicating that the work order is completed, and any needed billing (labor and materials) will take place.


Service request  process graphic


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Who Pays for Repairs, Maintenance, and Services?  Structures, components, and systems that are integral to a facility are covered by IPP’s maintenance budget and do not result in charges to individual departments or units.  Examples include routine maintenance and repairs of walls, doors, locks, windows, ceilings, floors, roofs, lighting, plumbing, electrical, heating, cooling, and air handling systems.  Repairs and maintenance of structures, components, or systems that are not integral to a facility are covered by departmental and unit funds.  Examples often include furniture, specialized equipment, appliances, cubicle components, and stand alone card access systems.  Services are generally paid for by departments and units.  Example include installation of non-building system equipment, hanging pictures, moving items form one location to another, custodial support for events, and rental of tables and chairs.  As a general guideline, anything that was part of the building before it was occupied is a maintenance budget (IPP) expense, and anything that is added once the building has been occupied is a department expense.


Service Request Priority Levels 50 Emergency Imminent threat to people, property, institution; immediate response 45 Urgent Make all efforts to mitigate problem today; overtime is authorized 40 Timely Response within one business day; scheduled within 5 business days; completed within schedule 30 Routine Make all efforts to schedule within 5 days; begin work by date



Primary Contact Information:

FCS Customer Service
105 Humphreys Service Building
Ithaca, NY 14853

report a facilities emergency call 255 5322 for fire or ems call 911


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