Campus Roads and Walkways

Call FCS Customer Service 607-255-5322 to:

  • Report pot holes and other hazards on campus roadways or parking areas
  • Report sidewalk and paved path needing repair 

Grounds maintains 15 Miles of Roads, 61 Miles of Walkways, 114 Acres of Parking Lots, 40 miles of Storm and Sanitary Sewers

  • Roads, Lots, Steps and Sidewalks are kept clear of snow. Salt and grit is applied to control ice. 
  • Periodic sweeping of Roads, Lots, Steps, Sidewalks and Patios organic and inorganic debris. 
  • Cleaning and repairs of catch basins, sanitary and storm water drain inlets annually and rodding of utility lines.

    Repairs are executed as requested, or as vehicle and pedestrian safety necessitates

Balch Hall Walkway
Balch Hall

Cornell Botanic Gardens is managed and maintained by the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS).
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Primary Contact Information:

FCS Customer Service
105 Humphreys Service Building
Ithaca, NY 14853

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For fires and medical emergencies: 911