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Building System Interruption Shutdown Requests Terms Conditions

Building System Interruption (shutdown) requests will be processed based on online submissions only.

Shutdown requests require 5 working days of advance notice.

This allows time for:
  • Notification of building coordinators
  • Building Coordinator communication informing and confirming  service interruption details with building users and occupants
  • Building user and occupant adjustments around classroom, lab and other facility usage needs and schedules
  • Building Coordinator confirmation of the shut down’s approval with Facilities Customer Service
  • Shops and zones to schedule needed support staff
  • Support staff and other involved personnel to vet the shutdown request or downstream system impacts
as well as

General notifications to be sent to, received by and acted on by all involved parties, including Shops, Zones, EH&S, unit based facilities staff, and even vending machine operators.

Building System Interruptions are complex undertaking involving a number of behind the scenes tasks that must be completed to avoid negatively impacting University operations.

Before submitting your request, if you need shops support please make sure you have a valid Service Request or Work Order number with a valid associated Standing Work Order or Job number.  This will be required to complete the online form.

If you have any questions, please contact Facilities Management Customer Service at 255 - 5322