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101800 - Restroom Accessories



Cornell’s Design and Construction Standards provide mandatory design constraints and acceptable or required products for all construction at Cornell University.  These standards are provided to aid the design professional in the development of contract documents and are not intended to be used verbatim as a contract specification nor replace the work and best judgement of the design professional.  Any deviation from the Design and Construction standards shall only be permitted with approval of the University Engineer.

PART 1:          GENERAL


            All work relative to restroom construction, alteration, modification and conversion under-taken within University facilities are required to comply with the provisions of the current edition of the Building Code of New York State, ANSI 117.1-2009, and the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design (most current adopted versions).


A.        All Restroom accessories and equipment shall be provided and installed to comply with accessibility requirements and ADA Mounting Heights Diagram (2-25-2013).

B.        Materials and Finishes – Shall be commercial grade and easily cleanable.  Avoid stainless steel lavatories and toilet partitions.  Do not use heavily textured materials for any surfaces and accessories.

C.        Paper Towel Dispensers - Roll Towel Type Dispenser that accept an 8” standard roll.  Dispensers shall be either push handle type or automatic feed, mounted per the ADA Mounting Heights Diagram included with this Standard.  (Semi-recessed or surface mounted units shall not interfere with clear fixture areas, door approaches or accessible routes)   In high volume restrooms, install hand-dryers in addition to paper towel dispensers.  (High velocity, low noise, with floor drip preventative design).

Georgia Pacific Push Paddle Dispenser (GP-54338) Hand Dryers are not recommended due to cross contamination.

D.        Trash Containers - Freestanding trash containers are preferred in large gang toilet rooms with high volume use, if adequate clear floor area can be maintained to meet accessibility requirements. Slim Jim Waste Container (RMD 3540), 32 gallon Brute (RMD2632) or approved equal.  Free standing preferred over recessed in all restroom types.

E.         Hand Soap Dispenser –Deb Soap - Proline Curved Black 1 liter Unit (SBS 91128) soap dispenser, wall mounted (Typically provided by Cornell and installed by GC.  Confirm with Cornell PM).  Location shall be identified by Design Professional and comply with ADA reach requirements.  (Note:  Through-counter liquid soap dispensers, which can be modified to utilize liquid soap refills, are acceptable if approved by Cornell University Facilities Engineering Department, Building Care and the designated Project Representative.)

F.         Toilet Tissue Holder - Double Toilet Tissue Fixture GP Compact Coreless Tissue Fixture (enclosed or partially enclosed unit) or approved equal.  Specific Coreless dispenser available for ADA (stainless steel), surface mounted, without covers or restrictive mechanisms.  Holders that accept double size rolls are acceptable in non-accessible stalls in high traffic areas.

G.        Sanitary Napkin Dispensers – Bobric (B370639) Trimline Series or approved equal, surface mounted, ADA compliant, surface-mounted unit should dispense a minimum of two products (tampons and napkins).  Dispenser actuation shall comply with accessibility requirements.   (Provide at gang toilet room locations).

H.        Sanitary Napkin Disposal – Surface-mounted White plastic surface mounted (Impact Products 25125200) or approved equal with self-closing panel is preferred if adequate area and protrusion limitation can be achieved to meet accessibility requirements.  Avoid textured finish.

I.          Mirrors - Mounted 8” – 10” above sink backsplash to prevent de-silvering.  Mirror height not recommended to exceed 3’ in height for ease of cleaning (not ceiling height) over sinks whenever possible.  Provide full-length mirror in gang toilets.

J.          Floor Drains - All new restrooms shall have floor drains provided.  Where feasible, existing toilet room facilities shall comply with this requirement, with floors pitched to drain (not to exceed 2% slope).  Avoid drains being located on accessible route/travel.

K.        Cane Detection – All accessories (paper towel dispensers, sanitary napkin dispensers and others) shall be designed so that there is not a protrusion that is greater than 4″.  Cane detection mounting height shall be a minimum of 24″ AFF.

L.         Shelf / Coat Hooks – All bathrooms shall include a shelf and coat hooks incorporated into its design.