Facilities Inventory System FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions | Using the Facilities Inventory Systems

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How do I get to the Production Inventory System?
  2. How do I get to the Training system?
  3. How do I get reports on my space?
    1. What are standard reports and how do I find them?
  4. Who are the Organizational Administrators?
  5. What are the responsibilities of Organizational Administrators and Department Users?
  6. How do I access my floor plans?
  7. How do I transfer spaces to a new or different org if I’m a Department User?
  8. How do I transfer spaces to a new or different org if I am the Org Admin?
  9. What are the room type and function codes?
  10. Where do I find the University Policy on reporting the use of space?
  11. Are there any quick guides or tips for completing the cycle close?
  12. How do I bulk edit my spaces?
  13. How do I modify a room number on my floor plans?


  1. Facilities Inventory Production System: https://facilitiesinventory.cornell.edu
  2. Facilities Inventory Training System:The Facilities Inventory Training System can be used to test scenarios without impacting live data. Training uses a copy of your real data that is repopulated each Saturday night..
  3. Reports: Facility Inventory Reports are available through the OBIEE dashboard. If you aren’t familiar with OBIEE, or need reports that aren’t in the “Standard Reports”, you may request data reporting services by contacting Jane McLarty at facilitiesinventory@cornell.edu.
    1. Standard Reports are reports available on the OBIEE tab, requested by users and created by the Facilities Inventory Office. This document provides the list of reports and descriptions that are available.
  4. Each college has designated Organizational Administrators who are responsible for certifying space. See this list for their contact information.
  5. Organizational Administrators and Department Users are responsible for accurately reporting space usage.  See the full list of roles and responsibilities.
  6. Floor Plans: Search for your facility on the Facility Information page and select “Floor Plans” from the left navigation menu. If you do not have access to floor plans you will need to complete the Request for Access form.
  7. If you are a Department User contact your Org Admin. Request that the space be transferred to the new Org. Provide your Org Admin with the Facility Code, Room Number, and the name of the new Org Occupying the space, and the date of the new occupancy.
  8. If you are an Org Admin refer to this document for guidance on transferring space to a new Org.
  9. Room Type and Function Codes can be found in University Policy 2.7, Reporting the Use of Space. The index includes complete definitions and examples. A key (or cheat sheet) can be found here.
  10. University Policy 2.7 requires an annual room-by-room space inventory. The full policy can be found at the Space Planning web site or by downloading the policy here.
  11. The cycle close occurs each August. This quick reference guide may be helpful when preparing to close your inventory for the annual review.
  12. View the Bulk Edit Basics Video or review comprehensive Bulk Edit instructions Bulk edit allows you to edit up to 500 rooms at once. We recommend that you test large changes first in the Training System.
  13. Room numbers cannot be modified.  University health and safety and other systems are linked to the room number.  See the linked document for more information.