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Cornell University

Student OmniRide Bus Pass

The OmniRide student bus pass allows unlimited access to all TCAT buses in Tompkins County. This bus pass is equivalent to the TCAT annual pass (a $450 value). Ride privileges are accessed using the CU ID card at the bus farebox.

The OmniRide pass is $200 annually; the price pro-rates monthly and the current rate will display at the time of purchase. There are no semester-only OmniRide student bus passes.

Getting Started:

  • New-to-Cornell students matriculating in a degree program for the first time receive automatic, no-fee OmniRide bus pass privileges valid within their first academic year. This program is offered as an introduction to the local public transit service, and an inducement to leave the vehicle home.
  • All other students in a degree program purchase a discounted OmniRide student bus pass for unlimited access to all TCAT buses.
  • Student spouse/partners with a CU ID card can purchase the OmniRide student bus pass at 116 Maple Avenue. The base card privilege is unlimited rides on TCAT night routes 90, 92, and 93.


  • To be considered eligible for the no-fee OmniRide privilege, students must not have registered for a degree program at Cornell University in the past.
    • For example, a student who attended as an undergraduate and is now entering a graduate or professional program would not be considered new-to-Cornell, and would not qualify for free OmniRide privileges.
  • Ride privileges are valid from Fall registration to August 31 of the following year for Fall entrants; January registration to December 31 of the same year for Spring entrants.
  • It can take up to two business days to activate the CU ID for use at the farebox depending on the day/time of purchase. 
  • The CU photo ID card is the fare medium and must be presented at the fare box—and read electronically—in order access ride privileges.
  • If the CU ID card is rejected, the student must pay the cash fare (current fare: $1.50).
  • Students must remain registered to retain their ride privileges.
  • There are no refunds issued after March 31. Refunds are minus a fee of $45.00.
  • Bus access using the CU ID card, including night/weekend and OmniRide, is paid for by Cornell University and is non-transferable.