• The university formally opened three additional solar farms in December that will generate large amounts of electricity and help the campus achieve its carbon neutrality goals.

  • This project involves replacement of old utilities routed through the quad and redesign and upgrades to the circulation patterns, paving, lighting, plantings and storm water management systems. These improvements are needed due to the age of the utilities and deterioration of the pathways over time as well as damage from numerous recent construction projects. Full Description

    Ag Quad 
    Project Size:
    4.6 acres
    CU PM:
    Davies Orinda
    MKW Assoc.
  • This project envisions a refurbished, public plaza in front of the Schwartz Center for Performing Arts in Collegetown. In 1989, James Stirling of Stirling & Wilford Associates, an internationally-renowned architecture firm from London, created the design for the Schwartz Center that imagined a lively forecourt as an entry sequence to the building, though it was never realized.

    Today, the plaza is an underutilized, sunken concrete patio with a four-foot high wall separating a lone bicycle rack from the public... Full Description

  • This project involves the expansion and renovation of the existing Health Services Building to better support student health at Cornell University.  This project adds 66,000 GSF and renovates the existing 30,000 GSF.

    Campus Road
    Project Size:
    96,000 GSF
    CU CM:
    John Keefe
    Chiang O’Brien