Student Project Procedures

Students may request access to facilities information and construction documents for class projects. archive stacks

To maintain the security of sensitive Cornell University information please use facilities on the list of Approved Buildings.

Getting Started:

  1. Plan adequate time. Requests may take up to 2 weeks to process.
  2. Contact the Archivist with any questions about procedures.
  3. Select drawings for the project from the provided list of materials available in the archives.
  4. DropBox of requested images will be sent when materials are ready.

List of Approved Buildings:

Facility Code
Facility Name
2009 Barnes Hall
2040 Big Red Barn
1070 Bruckner Lab
1025 Caldwell Hall
2042 Carpenter Hall
2633 Cornell Golf Center
1029 Fernow Hall
2015 Foundry
2018 Fuertes Observatory
2013 Goldwin Smith Hall
2048 Graphic Arts Services Bldg
1011 Human Ecology Building
1007A ILR Conference Center
1007E ILR Extension
1007R ILR Research
1080S Kennedy Hall
2008 Lincoln Hall
1015, A, E, W M Van Rensselaer Hall East Wing, West Wing
2081 Malott Hall
1027 Mann Library
2003 McGraw Hall
3802 Milstein Hall
2609 Moakley House Golf Course
2001 Morrill Hall
2007 Olive Tjaden Hall
2022 Plantation Arboretum Center
2444 Plantation Neven Welcom Ctr
1100 Pomology Cold Storage Sales
1101F Pomology Pole Barn
2017 Rand Hall
1040 Rice Hall
1080N Roberts Hall
3002 Sage Hall
2016 Schwartz Ctr-Performing Arts
2004 Sibley Hall
2011 Stimson Hall
1026 Warren Hall
2002 White Hall
Primary Contact Information:

Rebecca Merritt
201 Humphreys Service Building
Ithaca, NY 14853