Expanded TCAT Access for Faculty and Staff

TCAT bus with 277-ride

In conjunction with TCAT’s elimination of the Zone Two fare (https://tcatbus.com/tcat-flattens-fare-structure-to-benefit-rural-riders/), Cornell University is expanding the faculty and staff CU ID card transit benefit to provide any time, unlimited access to all TCAT buses in Tompkins County (normally $1.50 per ride). This privilege will be available beginning Aug. 21, 2019.

Cornell University employees (including affiliates, retirees, and temporary employees with a CU ID card) will now be able to board TCAT buses anywhere in Tompkins County, seven days a week, with their CU ID card. Previously, this benefit was limited to Monday-Friday travel within TCAT Zone 1. This change will allow employees more flexibility in planning their commute, and can help reduce the number of vehicles on campus.

Employees who participate in the OmniRide program will continue to receive support services in addition to unlimited TCAT access. See https://fcs.cornell.edu/content/employee-omniride-commuter-program for more information about eligibility requirements and the benefits of foregoing a parking permit. For TCAT route and fare information, visit https://tcatbus.com.