Campus Planning Department

The Cornell Campus Planning Department leads campus master planning efforts and partners on project planning/development as well as broader municipal community engagement. The department is involved in many aspects of the university's built and natural environment and works to link physical development of the campus with academic and institutional plans at Cornell.  The core functions of Campus Planning include:

  • Landscape Design and Campus Beautification
  • Site Planning, Selection, and Development Guidelines
  • Transportation Planning
  • Geographic Information Systems

The Facilities Inventory Group within the Campus Planning Department is the steward of the University’s facility space data.

  • Facilities Inventory management: Maintains and provides building floor plans, custom reports, and tracks space used by the University. Data and floor plans from this group supplies primary support for cost allocations to academic units.
  • Facilities Archiving Services: Manages the University archive of documents generated by construction and renovation projects. Provides information and images about existing buildings to project teams and archiving services during and at the end of construction.

Find out about what we are doing now on our Current Planning Initiativespage.