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Rewards and Recognition

Facilities and Campus Services Rewards & Recognition

Facilities and Campus Services (FCS) has established a commitment to reward and recognize significant individual and team contributions and accomplishments of FCS employees. Anyone can nominate an FCS staff member, please see below under the two different types of awards for instructions, forms and criteria for each nomination. 

The 2019-20 members of the Rewards and Recognition Committee are: 

Vicki Davis (Chair)
Kelley Yeomans (Advisor)
Marcia Baker, Dave Brinsko, Ellen Chase, Carin Clark, Laurrie Coffin, Steve Devlen, Erik Eshelman, Brenda Frank, Lt. Rich Gourley, Michele Johnson, Tony McCabe, Jim Naylor, Julie Parsons and Dan Schied.
We can be contacted at

The FCS Celebration and Recognition Event was held on June 11, 2019.  The annual tradition of a “kudos” slideshow was continued this year.



Regular and temporary Cornell University FCS employees are eligible to be nominated.
The employee’s most recent performance evaluation must be
satisfactory to win the award. The nominee must have been employed by Cornell University for at least one year at the time of nomination; nominee must be an active employee to receive monetary recognition. Individuals are eligible for an award only once in a three year period.

Nomination Process

Nominations may be submitted by any temporary or regular FCS employee. The nomination forms below for each award must be completed to submit an individual or team for consideration. Nominations may include endorsements or letters of recommendation from other people who are able to assess the nominee’s performance.

If you need assistance submitting a nomination, feel free to contact a member of the FCS Rewards & Recognition Committee.

Selection Process

All nominations will be reviewed by the FCS Rewards & Recognition Committee. The committee will rank the nominations and forward the top-ranked nominations to the VP of FCS for final approval. The number of awards given each year may vary.

Employees of the Quarter (EOQ) (Four celebrations a year)

EOQ Nomination Form (Web)    
EOQ Nomination Form (Printable)

The FCS Employees of the Quarter program recognizes three teams or individuals each quarter that go “above and beyond” their normal duties to accomplish something exceptional. The FCS Employees of the Quarter should continuously exhibit the FCS organizational values of Truth, Respect, Excellence, Teamwork, and Integrity.

Annual FCS Employee Awards Celebration

Annual Electronic Nomination Form or the Printable nomination form

Please save and send this form to the FCS Rewards & Recognition email address: or drop off the paper copy to FCS Human Resources or Customer Service.  

The Annual FCS Employee Awards will be presented on an annual basis at the FCS Employee Celebration. Awards given annually will be at the discretion of the FCS awards committee and the VP of FCS. Individuals will receive the entire bonus amounts; teams will split the award equally among team members.


All nominees must consistently demonstrate the Cornell University Skills for Success, consistently demonstrate Facilities and Campus Services’ values, and have documented examples of accomplishments that align within one or more of the following five criteria.

  • Keystone Award - Excellence in service to the organization and consistently providing quality output in work activities. This award is the highest honor and will be awarded to the individual or team that exemplifies excellence and many of the qualities listed below in their work.

    • Cornerstone Award - Effectiveness Improvement - Implemented an innovative process improvement that had a significant cost and/or time savings for the organization.
    • Cornerstone Award - Distinction in Teamwork - Had a positive impact on a team by giving distinguished service, making a difference, or implementing a quality of work/life improvement.
    • Cornerstone Award - Dedication to Developing Others - Commitment to mentoring others and contributing towards the goal of succession planning.
    • Cornerstone Award - Campus or Community Service - Volunteerism efforts either external or internal to Cornell University.
  • Steve Wright Bridge Award – Diversity and Inclusion - Demonstration of significant, ongoing commitment to fostering diversity and inclusion. 
  • FCS ”One Cornell” Awards- There are employees in FCS and across the University that really exemplify the meaning of “One Cornell.”  These individuals understand what it means to be a “steward” of Cornell University and goes the extra mile to help another unit outside of their own.
    • FCS “One Cornell” Award – An FCS team or employee that effectively worked across units, cultures and other boundaries to positively impact one of our campus partners or Cornell as a whole. 
    • FCS Campus Partner “One Cornell” Award – For a campus partner that effectively worked across units, cultures and other boundaries to positively impact Facilities and Campus Services.

FCS Annual Awards timeline - Revised for 2020 only:

Nomination period: January 1 - June 30

Nomination review period: July 1 - August 1

Award presentation: August 1 to August 31

Read about the winners of this quarter's Employees of the Quarter, Cornerstones, One Cornell's, Steve Wright Bridge, and Keystone Award  and their contributions to Cornell University!

Employees of the Quarter (3rd quarter, FY2020):
Facilities and Campus Services  FIRST Virtual Employee of the Quarter Virtual Award Ceremony
 Although we were not able to be together this quarter in person, the rewards and recognition committee hosted our first “virtual” award ceremony on April 21, to honor the January to March 2020 Employees of the Quarter, with FCS Vice President, Rick Burgess, as master of ceremony. Here were the winners:
Keystone Award (2019):
Cornerstone (2019):
Inaugural “One Cornell” (2019):
  • Sue Kern Wilkins

  • Laurie Collinsworth (Partner Award, CIT)
Steve Wright Bridge Award for Diversity and Inclusion (2019):
  • Sarah Brylinsky

Previous years winners